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♥ Roleplay Characters!

Update from China~!

Hello, everyone~!

Berri is presently in China.
Deviantart and plurk don't work, which is sad. My internet at my dorm doesn't work either,so I can't get on IM. I have a bit of time here, so I was sorta hoping! If anyone from Mayfield sees this, can you call a hiatus for me? I had thought it would work. I feel a bit silly. I might not be able to get internet at all during this trip.

My characters are wontjustwait, bluefrompallet, badend_replay, beheadthe_truth, and fatedmagica. I really will try my hardes to be able to get online, but right now, I just wanna be safe! ;n; Thank you, anyone that can help me out...

My Sister is a Mary-Sue

She's going to Africa for her summer vacation to do community service.

Because she wants to.

I'm already lonely.
Love sister love sister.
Missing missing missing missing missing.

But I'm proud of her. Even though I'll miss her.

Nov. 30th, 2010

I took everyone's advice and I practiced! I told my friends I was nervous, so they all put time aside to practice with me there to cling to them if I got scared. It felt silly at first, and at first I was really really scared, but it got a lot easier really quick! 

So Berri has conquered her fear of Left4Dead~!

I event shot 36 zombies~... and missed over 300 times but that's not what matters, the fact is that I can sorta shoot. I'm even feeling confident enough to start practicing on my own, so that I don't mess up! 

And the semester is coming to a close! I'm really lucky, because most of my classes just require me to do some take home exams, like writing an essay in Japanese or reflecting on my Public Speaking in 5 pages, so I might even get to go home early. Lucky~.

NaNoWriMo is almost done. Too bad I got too busy to participate. But I got enough written for my Visual Novel project that my friend agreed to help me do proper character designs. Yay~.

Anyway, Berri is all set and ready to try hard until the semester ends ! Fight Fight! I hope everyone else can do their best too!

B-Berri might be weak...

I appear to have a problem on my hands.

It is not my stalker. It is actually not something very serious. It is sort of dumb and not worth a second entry today, so do not worry, but Berri needs to get brave before tomorrow!

You see, a friend of Berri's that is very nice bought an online game subscription for her other friends and Berri was included. It is called "left4dead2". But she asked, she asked "Do you like zombies?".
And I said "Sure!" Because there is a cool not scary zombie character in Mayfield so zombies must be okay. THUMBS UP.
And then she bought it for me as a gift so I could play with her and our friends, because Berri's an old geezer and everyone counts on her with these sort of games. Like when we play Mitadake High!

But you see, Berri is a bad girl. I-I started up the game a bit early... I wanted to practice and be awesome so I could be useful! And this opening movie played and I realized that I'm a scaredy cat. C-cause there was this guy who got mauled with a shovel thing and this girl whose throat was "blegh" and she was "blegh" and then there was shooting and and


So I need to get brave fast! Because I am expected to play tomorrow! And help out! 
Does anyone have tips for how to play first person shooters?
Maybe even with your eyes closed.
I used to play them when my neighbors were into them and I had to show them why you don't make fun of Berri, but they sucked so I didn't have to do much to be better than them. that was mean to say, I'm sorry neighbors.
I don't want to disappoint everyone and I definitely don't wanna run away. I just need tips for these shooty games! So I can be an ace. Everyone is looking forward to playing with me! I don't want them to be sad because Berri is stupid.

I'm sorry to be so needy and awful and whiny again, but I really really don't want to have to say I'm too scared to play with everyone, when they're all looking forward to having me play with them...

New Phone Number!!!!!

Because guess who called me for a Thanksgiving date!

And Berri thought "nnnnnnno" and she said "never call again please thnx" and then she marched to Verizon and she told her the problem and they changed her phone number!


So um. If anyone here had my number/has a non-creepy reason to want it and needs it updated then say so! Thanks!
I sent the e-mail.
He'd e-mailed be asking me when my Thanksgiving break was, so I told him to please leave me be. I tried my best to be polite. That I appreciate that he cares but it's making me uncomfortable and to please leave me be. That I didn't give him that contact info for a reason. That I don't appreciate him taking it upon himself to find it. That I don't want to talk about where I am or what I'm doing or when I'm coming back and if he can take me places or anything like that because I only know him as someone from work and stuff.

I hope that gives him the hint.
And I told my sisters, since I think the e-mail address he's been contacting me on might be the one I put down on my application for my job. Please don't let him have gotten it off that. That would mean he could know more stuff about me. Aah, don't scare yourself anymore, Berri.

Now I just have to hope he gets the hint and stuff.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out. I'm sorry to have bothered you all. But it really helped Berri be brave and tell him to go away.
It feels kind of nice to have that done.
Now I can start answering my phone again. Yaay.

Nov. 9th, 2010

First my phone number...

That wasn't creepy. Phone calls are okay. Random texts are okay. Asking when I'm coming back is okay.
I'll deal with it.
I just won't pick up to that phone number. In fact, I'll go ahead and block it.

Then new phone numbers.
Okay, maybe I blocked the wrong number?
It's not creepy. I'm being paranoid, right?
I can just never answer a number I don't recognize.

But how did he get my e-mail address and IM screen name?! I never give those out! That e-mail isn't even for friends and stuff! It's for fandubs and stuff!
And my IM screen name? I don't use my real name anywhere! How'd he connect it to me?

Am I allowed to be scared now? I hope he doesn't watch my LJ... What if he does? I really don't want to make a big deal out of this, but it's starting to creep me out.
Maybe I'm being paranoid.

Candy is hard to earn, auu.

um... And then...  Well, I went had a fun day with my friends yesterday! Fru小姐 and Kia小姐 and myself met up to watch Haruhi together! Ano, uh... Fru小姐是美国人。 Kia小姐也是美国人。Fru小姐叫Alice-san. Kia小姐叫Rebecca-san. um...
And then, um... Alice-san有妈妈,爸爸,和姐姐。 Rebecca-san有妈妈,爸爸,和两弟弟。

um um...  I think that's it...

Um... 你好 is "Hello" and um.... 请问,你贵性 was "Please May I ask your honorable name?" and um... 小姐 is "Miss" and...Fru小姐是美国人 means" Miss Fru is an American" and then um... Kia小姐也是美国人 was "Miss Kia is also an American". Fru小姐叫Alice-san is "Miss Fru is called Alice-san" and...Alice-san有妈妈,爸爸,和姐姐 "Alice-san has a mother, father, and older sister" and... Rebecca-san有妈妈,爸爸,和两弟弟 "Rebecca-san has a mother, father, and two younger brothers"...

Yeah, that's about it. And um... I'm still giving away candies, if anyone wants my candy..! mm...
I'll edit this later with that recording...auauuu, so embarrassed...



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